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Applications Are Now Open For Projects Relating To The Impact Of The Police Act.

About this call:

The Police Act – formally known as the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act [PCSC] – is now in place and being used in some local authority areas.

The powers under the PCSC Act are broad and can lead to fines, confiscation of homes and 12-month bans from an area.

Along with monitoring where and how the Police Act is being used, MfC is looking to help organisations helping people who have been impacted by the use of the Act.

Whilst bigger organisations are likely to have capacity to provide advocacy work directly, small grassroots organisations [with an income of under £50,000 per annum] may not have the necessary funds to support those people.

As a result, MFC is seeking to commission small grassroots organisations in England and Wales to provide immediate support of up to £5,000 to members of roadside Gypsy and Traveller communities who are impacted by the Act.

These commissions offer both retrospective and prospective support:

  1. Retrospective Support – when a small grassroots organisation becomes aware of/has been contacted by someone who has been impacted by the Police Act.  Grants must be spent within six months.
  2. Prospective Support – When a small grassroots organisation anticipates it will receive a number of requests for assistance from people impacted by the Act.

The support will be able to cover the following:

  • Salary for Advocacy/Administrative worker charged at £12.50 per hour.
  • Office Equipment.
  • Travel.
  • Out of pocket expenses such as phone costs, printing costs and so on.


This is an open call which will close when all available funds have been allocated. We aim to inform you of our decision within three weeks of receipt of your application.

How to apply:

Please email Josie O’Driscoll at [email protected] and provide a phone number where you can be contacted during working hours. Josie – or a member of her team – will get in touch to talk you through the application process.


Please note, this call was initially published on the Moving For Change website under the headline: PCSC ACT: FIRST RESPONDERS NEEDED


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