Attitudes of Gypsy and Traveller people to the proposal to criminalise trespass

Organisation: Claire Rice

Location: England and Wales

There is a significant national shortage of places for nomadic Gypsies and Travellers to legally and safely stop. However, through the Policing Bill, the Government is planning to bring in new laws which mean people who live on roadside camps could face time in prison, a £2500 fine or their home being taken from them.

In response to this, Claire Rice has launched a research project to capture the voices of Gypsy and Traveller people and to hear how they really feel about the Policing Bill. Through a literature review, interviews, surveys and polls Claire will explore Gypsy and Traveller people’s experiences and opinions on their access to secure and legal accommodation, experiences of hate speech and access to health services and education.

Through this groundbreaking piece of research, Claire will explore:

  • Has the proposal to criminalise trespass come with an increase in hate speech?
  • What are roadside Gypsy and Traveller communities’ main concerns about the Bill?
  • How will the Bill affect nomadic and settled Gypsies and Travellers differently?

The research aims to answer the questions on the real impact of the Policing Bill, along with recommendations that come from Gypsy and Traveller people themselves.