Peer Research, For Us By Us: Young People in North Yorkshires Voice

Organisation: Violet Cannon

Location: North Yorkshire

Through the ‘Peer Research, For Us By Us’ project, Violet aimed to address a gap in research that leaves the voice of young Gypsy and Traveller people out of the equation. Having completed research with young Gypsy and Traveller people on behalf of other organisations before, Violet found that often young people’s input in the research was small and the results often did not reflect what the young people wanted to say.

As a result, this project upskilled nine Gypsy and Traveller young people in North Yorkshire to carry out their own research into their communities and share what they have to say to the world.

The young people created research questions, learned about impartiality, random sampling, participant recruitment, data collection and analysis. The end result is a report published in a format of their choice, on a topic that matters to them.

For us, By us; Peer Research, young people in North Yorkshire, Voices

Not only did the young people learn transferable skills, but the project shows young people their rights and power in expressing their voice in a piece of work that accurately reflects them and their community.

Read the report here.


I have loved learning about how all this stuff works, the wording is weird. Like random sampling. But it’s not random and it’s not allowed to be random, you have to choose so many boys, so many girls, different ages. It’s been interesting. It’s funny you don’t think about how questionnaires are worked out at all…. Not until you have to try and do it. It’s hard work. Female Gypsy, 17