Young Gypsy/Travellers’ Lives: Education at the Roadside

Organisation: Article 12

Location: North East Scotland and the Scottish Highlands

Article 12 are targeting nomadic and roadside young people in the remote and rural regions of Scotland with vital support. After the success of the Young Gypsy/ Travellers’ Lives programme which provides capacity building and educational opportunities for young people, Article 12 are reaching into North East Scotland and the Scottish Highlands for this three year pilot project.

Article 12 is designing and implementing a programme that will reach 20 roadside Gypsy and Traveller young people a year, giving them skills to gain employment or start their own business. This programme will include everything from confidence building and communication to working on literacy, maths, computer skills and entrepreneurship. The programme will be led by the young people and what they want to learn, as well as teaching them about human rights, equality, health and wellbeing.

If the Education at the Roadside project meets its aims, Article 12 will have produced a model that can then be used for other hard-to-reach communities across the UK.