Journey to a Fair

New Funding Opportunity: Celebrate your communities with a Micro Project from Moving for Change

Today, Moving for Change is pleased to announce the launch of a new Micro Projects fund. Moving for Change is looking for people who want to celebrate this summer’s Gypsy, Roma and Traveller History Month. The aim is to empower people to celebrate Gypsy and Traveller cultures by funding Micro Projects to create events and journals honouring different nomadic cultures this summer.

There is so much to celebrate in Gypsy and Traveller cultures, from the glorious fairs to the freedom in travel, sharing in oral traditions and ancient histories. With this new fund, Moving for Change hopes to uplift communities by enabling more people to come together, celebrate and share their stories and cultures.

Who can apply and when?

The applications for the £500 Micro Projects are now open, with applications closing on  April 25th at 5pm. Applications are open to Moving for Change network members, as well as Gypsy and Traveller people, New Travellers and Boater members of the public who have not yet joined.

What are the Projects?

There are two types of Project that can be applied for.

  • The first is an event to celebrate Gypsy, Roma and Traveller History Month in June 2022. This can take any form including an open day on a site, a picnic, or a children’s party. The funds can be put towards party or celebration costs and expenses. Those who are successful in their application will need to provide photos or videos of their event, to be published on the Moving for Change website and social media.
  • The second is ‘My journey to the Fair or Drive’. This project is to film, photograph and/or write about your journey to a Fair or Drive this summer. This can be any Drive of Fair taking place this summer, including for example Appleby or St Boswells. The funds can be put towards expenses to create the journal of the journey. Those who are successful in applying will be offered support from Moving for Change to create this journal. The journal will then be published on the Moving for Change website and social media.

Commenting on the Micro Projects launch, Moving for Change Chair Violet Cannon said:

“We are so excited to be launching these Micro Projects. This is a brilliant opportunity to encourage and enable more people to celebrate Gypsy, Roma, Traveller History Month. I can’t wait to see all the ways people choose to celebrate. I hope Gypsy and Traveller people across the UK will apply for this to tell their stories, make their voices heard and ultimately bring everyone together to learn and celebrate our cultures and lives.”

How do I apply?

Download the application form here to read all the information you need about the Micro Projects and fill in all the required information. To submit your application, please send your filled-in form to [email protected] with your name and the project theme you are applying for in the subject line of the email. To apply by phone, text or WhatsApp, send it to 07873 904738.

Want to find out more?

Watch the video below to hear from Network and Commissioning Lead Lynne Tammi-Connelly who explains the Micro Projects and how to apply. For more details, download the application form below.


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