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Prospecting and Researching – Third Funding Webinar Now Online

The third in a series of four webinars aimed at helping guiding both individual Gypsy, Roma and Traveller activists and community groups towards more successful funding applications is now available to all online.

Prospecting and Researching is hosted by Lucy Stone of the No Stone Unturned fundraising consultancy, and organised by Josie O’Driscoll at GATEHerts.

The webinar asks:

● How do you find the right funders for you?
● How can you do great research about Trusts, Foundations and Grants before applying?
● Where do you look for information and vitally – what is that information telling you?

It also explores a range of FREE and paid resources and how to make the most of them.

The main presentation is now available on YouTube, but you don’t need to go that far – just click on the video below.

The slides used by Lucy to illustrate her webinar are also downloadable as both a PDF and as a PowerPoint slideshow.

Plus there’s an Excel Database Template for your own inputting of research.

As the weeks go by, these webinars will be posted as individual news items and then compiled after the fourth one onto a singular webpage available under the “Resources” heading.

Good luck prospecting!

For Slides From Prospecting and Researching (PDF), Click Here

For Slides From Prospecting and Researching (PowerPoint), Click Here

For Prospecting and Researching Database Template, Click Here


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