A view over Appleby Fair, June 2022

Call for submissions: Seeking projects supporting Gypsies and Travellers living roadside

Moving for Change is seeking creative projects that will support nomadic life under threat. We are pleased to announce the launch of our project commissioning round for 2022. After two successful years supporting new projects that help Gypsy and Traveller people across Britain, 2022 will see our largest project round yet.

In this new call for projects, we are looking for Gypsy and Traveller people to pitch their ideas for Roadside Support Projects. These projects will support or raise awareness for Gypsy and Traveller people living roadside for part or all of the year, as well as those in insecure accommodation.

For smaller projects, Moving for Change is especially looking for creative project ideas. This could be art, video, books, educational materials or something entirely different, that deal with new or historical issues affecting roadside Gypsy and Traveller people.

With this year’s call for projects, Moving for Change aims to address the need expected following the immoral Policing Bill (now an Act) becoming a law.

The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act, brought into effect on June 28th 2022, criminalises trespass in a targeted way that has not before been seen in law. The new law has the potential to force those who have nowhere to safely stop to face fines, prison time or confiscation of their homes.

In response to this, Moving for Change calls for original projects from across the UK that will support those most in need right now- Gypsy and Traveller people living or travelling roadside or those without access to a permanent base or home.

Moving for Change Chair, Violet Cannon, said:

As the Policing Act enters into law this week, we need Gypsy and Traveller-led initiatives now- for us, by us. With this call for Roadside Support Projects, this is your chance to address the impact the Policing Act will have on Gypsy and Traveller communities and change things.

“I urge people to come forward and pitch your ideas to support those who are vulnerable, living roadside or without insecure accommodation. I am so excited to see the amazing things our communities can do by working together.”

Commissioning is available for small one-year projects up to £4,999 and larger, one to two-year projects from £5,000-£40,000 per annum. To apply, submit an application from 9am June 30th until 5pm on August 19th.

To find out more, head to our commissioning page here. Access the application form for small projects here and for large projects here. Guidance for outcome indicators can be found here and a helpsheet for applying here.

This comes after two successful years of commissioning by Moving for Change for projects of between £5,000 and £25,000. The 12 unique projects were a response to both the Covid-19 pandemic and the ongoing needs and aspirations of roadside Gypsy and Traveller people.

This June also brought the first round of Micro Projects, which supported the creation of 17 events and two documentaries. These were created in celebration of the cultures and traditions of Gypsy and Traveller people for Gypsy, Roma and Traveller History Month.


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