Article 12 are targeting nomadic and roadside young people in the remote and rural regions of Scotland with vital support. After the success of the Young Gypsy/ Travellers’ Lives programme which provides capacity building and educational opportunities for young people, Article 12 are reaching into North East Scotland and the Scottish Highlands for this three … Read more

It is important for young Gypsy and Traveller people to have access to books that positively reflect their lives and experiences. At the same time, it is important that educators understand the barriers Gypsy and Traveller children often face in both accessing mainstream education and in staying in the education system. Whilst literacy levels are … Read more

The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill making its way through parliament has been described as the biggest threat to nomadic Gypsy and Traveller life since 1994. The Policing Bill would criminalise nomadic life under threat of fines, imprisonment or confiscation of vehicles and property. To fight the Policing Bill, Romany and Traveller activists established … Read more

There is a significant national shortage of places for nomadic Gypsies and Travellers to legally and safely stop. However, through the Policing Bill, the Government is planning to bring in new laws which mean people who live on roadside camps could face time in prison, a £2500 fine or their home being taken from them. … Read more

Anthropologist Freya Hope is developing an online exhibition that explores the lives and culture of New Travellers and how the Policing Bill (now Act) will impact these individuals and communities. By visiting mobile New Travellers across the UK over six months, Freya will capture their lives on the road through interviews, film and photography. The … Read more

Through the ‘Peer Research, For Us By Us’ project, Violet aimed to address a gap in research that leaves the voice of young Gypsy and Traveller people out of the equation. Having completed research with young Gypsy and Traveller people on behalf of other organisations before, Violet found that often young people’s input in the … Read more

An unmet need for accommodation and a neglected permanent site has left many Gypsy and Traveller people in Cardiff with inadequate facilities and places to live. Through the work Gypsies and Traveller Wales have done in the area since 1981, they have identified key areas of need for Gypsies and Travellers temporarily and permanently living … Read more

Despite a landmark Court of Appeal judgment called LB Bromley v Persons Unknown in January 2020 and a significant judgment of the Court of Appeal in a protest case called Canada Goose v Persons Unknown in March 2020 which criticised the use of wide injunctions which target Gypsy and Traveller encampments and which target protestors, … Read more

Gypsies and Travellers in roadside communities in Cornwall and Devon were contacted by TravellerSpace to find out what would be the most useful thing that could be provided to alleviate some of the difficulties experienced during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Overwhelmingly, the response TravellerSpace heard was focused on activities for young people. Therefore, TravellerSpace put … Read more

COVID-19 has unveiled the stark inequalities faced by Gypsy and Traveller communities in Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas. Families have experienced difficulties such as accessing water and sanitation, which is further compounded by multiple health issues ranging from diabetes to cancer. Through funding from Roadside Futures, GATE Herts were able to support vulnerable families with … Read more